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If you have an agreement, put it in a written contract! "He said, she said", won’t stand up in court. A written contract will set forth all the specific duties and obligations of the parties involved with the agreement. A properly written contract can also be used to recover attorney fees and costs when having to legally enforce an established contract. This holds true whether it’s a commercial sale contract, lease, real estate sales contract, joint venture agreement, partnership agreement, promise to pay back money or work performance contract. The firm has extensive experience in all areas of contract preparation.


There are multiple areas within a corporation/partnership that require legal expertise. Articles of Incorporation, Annual Corporate Reports, Employee Handbooks, Personnel Manuals, Corporate Minutes, Bylaws, Resolutions and Partnership Agreements are some examples where the corporate legal experience of attorney David A. DeRose can assist you. He is also experienced in the negotiation of a business sale or purchase, and in the drafting of necessary sales documentation.


With legal experience gained from one of Chicago’s largest law firms, attorney David A. DeRose has the expertise to help you with your banking needs. Attorney DeRose has proficiency in the area of loan documentation. He can fully explain the legal ramifications of loan documents. He is experienced in the preparation of all types of loan documents. This encompasses mortgages, notes, assignments, security agreements, guarantees and many more. Whether it be loans in the millions of dollars, or those of smaller amounts, you can be confident in his legal expertise.


A successful landlord/tenant relationship, commercial or private, begins with a good contract. The contract must protect ones property, rights and interests, now and in the future. David A. DeRose can draft the contracts required to protect your interest.

In the best of plans, sometimes a rental situation doesn’t work out. In this situation, an experienced attorney is invaluable. The attorney will take you through the multiple legal steps to make certain all processes are handled correctly. This will ensure the tenant can be removed and you can legally place in a new tenant. In the event a contract dispute must be taken to court, attorney DeRose is an experienced trial litigator who can further assist you.


One of the most expensive and important purchases in one’s life is that of a home. The purchase of a new home often involves the sale of an existing property. It is important to coordinate the buy/sell transactions. It is imperative that a client understands all aspects of the purchase/sale from contract to closing. It is also important to understand the full legal ramifications of the documents you are signing. This is equally important in the purchase of commercial property as well. It is important to have an experienced attorney to ensure (whether buying or selling); the transfers of property are performed correctly. Attorney DeRose has extensive experience in all areas of Real Estate transactions, both personal and commercial.


Sometimes the unexpected occurs and you find yourself being sued or you find the need to pursue a claim against another in court. When these situations occur, you need an attorney with trial experience. With over twenty years of successful trial experience and extreme attention to detail, David DeRose is the attorney you want representing you in court.

Sometimes, no matter what preventative efforts you take, some customers don’t pay their bills. When this happens, you need to take legal steps to collect the debt. It’s time to call an attorney. Let David A. DeRose put his collection experience to work for you.


No one wants to pass from this life and leave their loved ones in uncertainty. Proper planning is the best way to ensure your personal desires are carried through and your family members are protected. A thorough discussion between you and your attorney will help determine what your estate needs are. Estate plans are not a "one fit all" product.

Estate planning can be an uncomfortable subject, so make sure you have an attorney you feel comfortable talking with. You need an experienced attorney to minimize future tax ramifications and avoid any future probate of your estate. An experienced attorney will also provide you with Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Property and Living Wills to protect you and your family from health uncertainties, which the future may hold.

Sometimes the probate of an estate is necessary. When this occurs, make sure you have an experienced attorney to represent your interests. It is also important to have an attorney who can describe the process and procedure in detail, as well as, inform you of possible outcomes of upcoming proceedings. Attorney DeRose is experienced in all these legal arenas.

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